Connecting To The Elements
The 5 Elements

We need to accurately understand the common 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air & ether), which are omnipresent inside us, as well as in the environment. Once we can fine tune these energies in correlation to the corresponding elements, a balanced equilibrium state emerges, which is also called as super bliss state. Every human being in his/her subconscious brain has this state locked, which needs to be accessed using the Master key of deep meditation as a paradigm of shift.

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Yogi will first explain the 5 elements, their fixed placements in our environment & finally their placements in our etheric body, which nurtures our gross physical body. This meditation will guide your bio-energies to the pathway of accessing the master key to your own Higher self which exits in Astral plane, using the in-depth knowledge of the five senses through your five sense organs of the body & ultimately experiencing the Super bliss state of happiness & peace.

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